Beagle's Bees Bostock NZ Honey

Beagle's Bees Bostock NZ Honey

Beagle's Bees Bostock NZ Honey

What is it?

Medium comlexity butterscotch and nut fore-flavours. Candied, citrus body and a long lingering finish.

Created using organic principles - unfiltered, unheated and 100% pure honey.  

Where does it come from?

Beagle's Bees is just down the road in Hawke's Bay.

Beagle tends to his hives using  biodynamic organic standards.  Some of these practices include:

  • non-hive movement, as this disorientates the honeybees
  • no pesticide use in the hives, as this weakens the honeybees immune system
  • minimal harvesting, as over-harvesting puts the bees in a panic to replace their honey stores for the winter hibernation
Their honey is only sieved to catch any pieces of wax.   By minimally filtering the honey, it is the next closest thing to eating honeycomb.

Their honey is unheated. This is because honey heated above 38c starts killing the natural enzymes created by honeybees.   At 60c all that is left is a sugar substance with no antibacterial and antimicrobial health benefits.

In the old days, honey was only honey.   Nowadays, loopholes in food regulations around the world allow the industry to process their honey with added sugar and water to increase their bottom line without listing it on the ingredient label. Surprised?   We were too!   This is 100% pure NZ honey - no sugar or water are ever added to Beagle's Bees.

Anything important?

Raw honey, unfiltered and unheated. Created using organic principles.

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