No Knead Bread Loaf Recipe

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No Knead Bread Loaf

Who wouldn't love to wake up to a freshly baked loaf of bread on a Sunday morning (or any day of the week!) Thank you Monika for sharing your trusted recipe and sending us a photo of this beautiful looking loaf of bread!

Below are the ingredients and equipment you'll need to make one yourself, can't wait to try it myself.


You need a Dutch oven or a med size casserole dish with a lid.


4 cups NZ grown, organic white spelt flour 
1 tsp salt
1/3 tsp dry yeast

Stir well together, then add

400 ml cold water
1 tbsp olive oil


Stir with handle of wooden spoon until well combined.
Cover bowl with towel or plate and leave for 18-24 hours ( I usually prepare it morning and then bake it next morning).
Stir dough (which will be soft and bubbly) and form into a ball, use some extra flour and flatten, then fold it a few times) 

Put Dutch oven with a little butter in base into cold oven and turn on bake at 220 C. Leave 10 min, then take out and put in dough, make 2 cuts across with scissors in top, cover and bake 30 min.
Take off lid and bake another 10 min.
Tip out onto cooling rack. 

Please note: last week was the first time I got the bread looking like this because I used a bit less water than usual. You can also pour the dough straight into container without forming a ball and bake same way.
That makes a flatter bread with more holes. I had just read that with spelt flour less liquid is needed, that’s when I ended up with that nice loaf. You can try both versions. When the dough is firmer, you can shape it.

Recipe Note: because the dough is quite soft, it needs to be baked in a ‘container’, but it can be done on a lined baking tray, it will spread a bit and be more like a Ciabatta bread :)

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