Beagle's Bees 100% Pure Honey

Posted by Diana 21/09/2017 0 Comment(s) New Products,

Introducing Beagle's Bees 100% Honey

Family Pantry is proud to be offering a selection of Beagle's Bees 100% pure Honey made by Hawkes Bay honeybees and lovingly handcrafted by Beagle Rogers from start to finish.

Beagle's honey is 100% raw - unheated, unfiltered, unprocessed and spun straight from the hive to the jar!

He tends to his hives using the utmost biodynamic organic principles which include:

  • Non-hive movement, as this disorientates the honeybees
  • Minimal harvesting, as over-harvesting puts the bees in a panic to replace their honey stores for the winter hibernation.

Beagle's hives are placed mainly on organic locations around the Hawkes Bay and we at Family Pantry are proud to be offering their Multi-Floral and Traditional Clover flavours - both available in 250g and 500g glass jars.

We've tried this honey and it's truly one of the best honeys we've tasted for while!


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