We LOVE organic bulk foods - and so do our customers!

Posted by Diana 02/05/2018 0 Comment(s)

Did you know that Family Pantry offers more than 40 organic certified bulk foods?

There are some great advantages when buying your organic bulk foods from Family Pantry and here is why:

We use compostable packaging for all of our organic bulk product repacks and have done so since day one!

Repacking our bulk products into eco-friendly packaging was a prioritiy for us when we initially started Family Pantry. To us, it simply did not feel right to pack organic products into plastic. Which is why we have gone to great lengths to source compostable and biodegradable bags for our bulk product repacks.

Not only do they look great in your pantry, they are resealable after each use, they stand up nicely in your cupboards and best of all, once you remove the tin tie, the bags are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

They might cost us a bit more than the plastic version, but we think they are worth every cent!


We repack to order - no matter how big or small your order!

When you place an order with Family Pantry you can rest assured that your products are packed fresh from bulk each time. We don't pre-pack products and have them sitting on our shelves until we get an order. Instead we repack fresh to order each time and send it out to you straight away. 

You save yourself $$ buying organic bulk repacks from Family Pantry

One of the reasons people don't buy organic food and wholefoods is more often than not, down to cost. Family Pantry doesn't offer cheap organic food but we are able to offer our customers competitive prices through buying in bulk and repacking into smaller quantities. We take advantage of bulk pricing and pass that on to our customers. You may find that buying your organic pantry staples from Family Pantry will save you $$ compared to buying the traditional retail packs. 

Choose the quantity you need - starting from 200g/300g per product

Not only do we pride ourselves in offering a great selection of organic bulk foods, we also offer a variety of options when it come to packaging size. All of our organic bulk foods are available in a range of different quantities, starting from as little as 200g up to 20kgs (or more) per product. Simply choose the quantity YOU need!


To view Family Pantry's entire organic bulk product range click here