IncaFe Organic & Fairtrade Coffee

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Award-winning, organic and fairtrade coffee from IncaFe

The superior taste of IncaFe organic coffee finds its origin at the farm. IncaFe is founded on the belief that certified organic agriculture produces more nutrient, healthier products which are better for the environmnet and simply taste better too.

Aside from being certified organic, all of the IncaFe coffees are fairtrade. IncaFe maintains close relationship with their growers. So with every cup of IncaFe coffee you drink you not only supports organic agriculture but you also support growers and their communities.

Whole Beans

IncaFe Marin Estate Whole Coffee Beans 

200g bag - $9.60 / 1kg bag - $33.00

Roaster's Note: Coffee for any preparation. Strawberry, blossom aroma. Lively apricot, almond, cacao, vanilla flavours with citrus notes. Sweet, smooth lingering aftertaste.

IncaFe Fiesta Whole Coffee Beans

200g bag - $9.60 / 1kg bag - $33.00

Roaster's Notes: Espresso coffee with good balance. Subtle strawberry aroma. Medium dark chocolate with cinnamon berry notes. Sweet, toast lingering aftertaste.


Filter/Plunger Grind

IncaFe Marin Estate Filter/Plunger Grind Coffee

200g bag - $9.60


Espresso Grind

IncaFe Fiesta Espresso Grind Coffee

200g bag - $9.60


Decaf Coffee

IncaFe Decaf Espresso Grind Coffee

200g bag - $9.60

Roaster's Notes: Coffee for any preparation. Subtle chocolate aroma. Tasty decaf coffee with chocolate, syrup flavour and some citrus notes. Toasty aftertaste.