IncaFe Marin Estate Filter/Plunger Grind, 200g

IncaFe Marin Estate Filter/Plunger Grind, 200g

IncaFe Marin Estate Filter/Plunger Grind, 200g

What is it?

Organic and Fairtrade Certified Plunger and Filter Coffee - Smooth & Lively. This is IncaFe's hallmark filter / plunger coffee. Winner of 2 gold medals in the 2012 NZ Coffee Awards. It's high-altitude Peruvian coffee with a smooth and chocolatey consistency.

Roaster's Notes: Coffee for any preparation. Strawberry, blossom aroma. Lively apricot, almond, cacao, vanilla flavours with citrus notes. Sweet, smooth lingering aftertaste.

Where does it come from?

IncaFe started back in 2007 and still remains a family business owned by Carmen Castro and Joop Verbeek, two individuals whose passion for coffee, organics and sustainability has combined to create one of New Zealand's most successful coffee roasteries. They have an unwavering focus on quality which means superior beans, crafted by roasters to create coffees that have won numerous awards and captured many more hearts both within New Zealand and internationally.

Founded on the belief that organically grown products produce a superior taste, their coffees are all certified organic, Fairtrade and shade-grown at high altitudes. They take great pride in personally sourcing beans from carefully selected growers from around the world, who understand that natural environments, complementary plantings and non-chemical treatments create rich, healthy soils essential for growing bountiful, full-tasting coffee crops, the benefits of which are transferred into every bean that we roast.

Anything important?

Organic and fairtrade certified coffee. 

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