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IncaFé Organic Coffee

Brand: IncaFé Organic Coffee Product Code: WBFIE200/1000
IncaFe Fiesta Whole Coffee Beans, 1kg What is it? Organic and Fairtrade Certified Whole Coffee Beans - Smooth & Sweet. A blend developed to make life easy for the barista. The best of 3 origins.  Roaster's Notes: Espresso coffee with good balance. Subtle strawberry aroma. Medium dark chocol..
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Brand: IncaFé Organic Coffee Product Code: DRICHO
Organic Drinking Chocolate What is it? Nothing could be finer than a hot mug of organic hot chocolate on a cold day. Warm, sweet, and so comforting, you’ll enjoy the taste of  this drinking chocolate! Just add water or milk of your choice to enjoy this cup of comfort. It's easy to dissolve and..
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