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Madalga CLASSICO - Hand Mill

Madalga CLASSICO Hand Mill - A true classic!

The Madalga Classico steel hand grain mill is extremely solid with an adjustable “Stainless Steel Grinding” mechanism which can process not only all types of grain, but also all types of seeds and dried maize.

The name says it all, because our Madalga Classico hand mill is a classic, a true jewel that will enhance your kitchen. It can produce a considerable amount of flour without any electricity. The large hopper holds a full 1.3 kg (wheat). The large flywheel with hand crank drives the mill with ease, so it can be easy to produce your own flour without using any electricity.

The Madalga Classico hand grain mill is extremely solidly made, has a stainless steel grinding mechanism which can process not only all types of grain, but also all types of seeds and dried maize. The grinding degree can be adjusted so generously that even grist such as green kernel meal can be produced.

Coffee beans and spices can be processed perfectly via the fine adjustment, so your Madalga Classico becomes a grain mill, coffee mill and spice mill.

A statement for lovers of authentic cuisine, for do-it-yourselfers and all those who are still looking for something special for their country kitchen. It is a true gem and enhances every kitchen. The nostalgic and classic look, the combination of white and wood tones, exudes a very special flair.

Product Specifications:

80-200 grams per minute output

1300 gram Hopper

13 KG Weight

40 CM Height

Country of Origin is Germany

Delivery 2 - 4 weeks from date of purchase/payment




Frequently Asked Questions:

What grains and spices can I grind?

Stone and steel milling of Wheat, Rye, Spelt, Barley, Oats, Millet, Corn (Maize, not popcorn), Durum Wheat, Long Grain Rice, Round Grain Rice, Buckwheat, Linseed, Chickpeas, Dried Peas, Quinoa, Amaranth. Other clean grains of a similar size (that are dry and low in oil content) can be milled with care in stone mills.

Coffee can be done with some success if it is very well roasted. Stone grinding of spices includes Coriander, Fennel, Cloves, Fenugreek, Caraway, All Spice (pimento or Jamaican Pepper), Pepper Corn, Mustard Seed on coarse setting, Dill, Cumin, Nigella (Black Cumin), Chili, the seeds of Green/White/Black Cardamon etc.

Can I grind nuts and seeds?

Unless roasted very dry, nuts and seeds do not stone mill well 100% on finer settings due to the higher oil content. Shorter sessions of meal can be achieved on medium settings 100%, like linseed or sunflower seed meal. A stone grinder can also mill nut pieces and seeds down on finer setting when mixed up to 50:50 with hard dry grains like wheat. 

How much flour do I get from the grain?

When whole grain milling, you get the same amount of flour from the grain measured by weight. Volume increases ~ 50% depending on variety. e.g. 1 cup of wheat grain makes ~ 1 1/2 cups flour.

Does it take a long time to make flour?

The time depends on the output of your grain mill – from 40gms per minute for stone hand milling, up to 400gms per minute with semi-commercial electric models on the finest settings.

Why is grain moisture important?

Milling of grain requires grain-moisture of less than 14% to prevent the milling surfaces from binding. Try the knife test – place a knife blade flat over a grain on a hard surface and press down. If the grain cracks, it is usually dry enough to mill. If it squashes without a “crack” sound , it is considered too damp to mill and should be dried out before milling or another grain supply sourced. 

Is cleaning a stone grain mill easy?

Yes, cleaning a stone grain mill is a simple task. For regular milling and flaking, cleaning is not a necessity, but can be done at any time if desired. Two simple options are; 1) coarse mill a tablespoon of rice between sessions to clean the grinding surfaces. (stone mill), and 2) Run on coarse and vacuum the output spout.

*NB dry cleaning only. If a stone grinder stops grinding due to high moisture or oil “smearing” the stones, simply turn off the mill as soon as you observe the grinding output lessen, clean the mill chamber out, clean stones by milling white rice on medium to remove the smeared product, and you are ready to mill again. Cleaning timber housings is done with a dry cloth, and rejuvenate occasionally with Linseed Oil.

How long will a stone grain mill last?

A quality stone grain mill will last many decades. The brushless induction motors are large and heavy duty, without any brushes to wear out or replace (ratings on Induction motors are much lower than brushed motors, equivalent to ‘000 of W in a smaller brushed motor). The corundum stones last up to 15+ years under normal use conditions because the stones are always kept apart by the flours whilst milling, even on the finest settings. The timber housings are very sturdy in regular dry climates. 

How many years will wheat grain last ?

Stored in dry sealed conditions, wheat grains will last for hundreds of years. Wheat grains found in 2000 -year-old Egyptian Pyramid Tombs has been planted and grown.

Can I get spare parts?

Yes, spare parts are available. Please contact us on

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