Organic Mountain Instant Arabica Coffee, 100g

Organic Mountain Instant Arabica Coffee, 100g

Cafe de Colombia Organic Mountain Instant Arabica Coffee, 100g

What is it?

This is coffee with a difference.  

Organic Mountain freeze dried instant coffee is made from the most selected organic coffee beans grown in Colombia. It's the combination of fertile soils, pure mountain water and sun that help to produce the best quality instant coffee you'll ever taste!

Organic Mountain uses only the highest quality organic coffee beans, shade-grown in Colombia. They don't produce blended varieties, ensuring you enjoy a cup of the highest quality Columbian coffee.

What will I love about it?

Aside  from the excellent taste, we love that Cafe de Colombia supports the local producers, promotes sustainability, helps to protect local communities and creates environmentally sustainable development programs. They believe in coffee production based on principles that protect and conserve natural resources. They work to improve the income of the coffee growing families through this, contribute to the preservation of Colombia's unique and treasured environmental mega-diversity.

Anything else important?

Organic certfied. Non-GMO. Shade-grown coffee beans.


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