Pukka Herbs Three Mint Tea, 20 teabags

Pukka Herbs Three Mint Tea, 20 teabags

Pukka Three Mint Tea, 20 bags

What is it?

The Three Mint Tea is a verdant fusion of organic peppermint, spearmint and fieldmint.

Just imagine three types of mint together – finely-chopped spearmint, fieldmint and peppermint – the cool suddenly becomes more vibrant. The sweetness more supreme. Crisp and clean as the brightest day.

What are the nutritional benefits?

Peppermint Tea is known to support digestion and regularity. Optimal digestion is at the heart of all good health.

Anything important?

Organic and Fairtrade Certified. Caffeine-free.  All Pukka teas contain the highest quality organic herbs.

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