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Brand: THCLTD Product Code: RAWHAZEL
Organic Raw Hazelnuts, whole What are they? Raw, certified organic Hazelnuts with a creamy nut flavour and a crunchy texture. The best Hazelnuts you've ever tasted! Grown here in beautiful New Zealand What are the nutritional benefits? Hazelnuts are packed with nutrients, including vi..
Ex Tax:NZ$7.39
Brand: THCLTD Product Code: CHOCHAZEL
Spray-free Chocolate Coated Hazelnuts, whole What are they? These are the most delicious little treats you have come across for a while! New Zealand grown, spray-free hazelnuts coated in silky smooth, dairy free dark chocolate which is Fair Trade certified. What will I love about them? Bittersw..
Ex Tax:NZ$13.04
Brand: THCLTD Product Code: HAZELRO
Spray-free Roasted Hazelnuts, whole  What are they? Calling all Hazelnut lovers! The finest New Zealand grown Hazelnuts, gently roasted to perfection and packed up into our eco-friendly Family Pantry bags. A treat for the whole family!  Grown here in beautiful New Zealand What will I lov..
Ex Tax:NZ$8.65
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