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Our Promise

Most of our products are organic certified, which means producers are using time-proven solutions and environmentally sustainable tools to build and maintain the fertility of the soil and to control weeds, disease and pests. Organic producers do not rely on chemicals, pesticides and herbicides to grow their products. The essential principle is to co-operate with nature and to maintain a balance between using the land’s resources and building fertility and diversity.

With over 10 years experience in the food industry, we have the knowledge to research and select wholesome food products of great quality. We are proud to offer a great range of groceries for your pantry and we promise to continue researching new and exciting products as they become available. We love that we are able to offer specialist and gluten free food online and our website product descriptions clearly show allergen information for our customers with special dietry requirements.  

We prefer minimal and/or recyclable packaging, that’s why we put a lot of focus on selecting compostable product packaging for our re-packs. Your orders are packed in recycled cardboard boxes with newspaper wrapping where necessary. But just to be clear, any packaging that comes in direct contact with your food will be brand new, food safe and compostable.

We are passionate about supporting local and New Zealand made products and the people behind them. Our aim is to offer locally grown or made products whenever we can.