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Our Values

Value for money - One of the reasons people don’t buy organic, wholesome or natural products is more often than not, down to cost. We don't offer cheap organic food but we are able to offer our customers affordable prices through buying in bulk (whenever we can) and re-packing into smaller quantities. We take advantage of bulk pricing and pass that on to our customers. We don't have a retail premises, therefore we have very minimal overheads. We offer - organic food delivered at low cost so you can get everything you need direct to your door. 

Our planet and the environment – We want our footprint to be as small as possible. We love minimal packaging that is wherever possible, reusable and/or recyclable. We choose not to offer products that use chemicals, artificial colours and flavours that go into the food production nowadays. Mother Earth needs to be looked after so she can keep providing for us and our families in the future.

Down to earth – We are passionate about Family Pantry and we live what we believe by providing a great range of products that inspire us and our customers.

Healthy living – We are not all about food. We know that healthy living encompasses so many elements of our busy lives. We offer a wide range of wholesome food products – from organic, spray free, gluten and dairy free to locally made, raw, vegetarian and vegan friendly. 

Community - Our business is part of our community. As we grow we’ll aim to give back a percentage of our profits to local ventures or charities whose focus is the environment, health, well-being or nutrition.