Organic bulk foods

Organic bulk foods

We LOVE organic certified bulk foods and there are some advantages when you buy your organics from us. Here is why:

We use environmentally friendly food packaging for all of our bulk food repacks and have done so since day one. Join in and help us to reduce plastic packaging and to support the plastic free movement!

We offer our customers competitive prices through buying in bulk and not having to pay overheads for retail premises. You may find that buying your organic groceries from Family Pantry will save you $$ compared to buying the traditional plastic retail packs.

Choose the quantities you need, starting from as little as 200g/300g per product, and we’ll repack it fresh to order each time. 

We hate food waste, which is why we donate products that are nearing their best before date to charitable trusts and our local community.    

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Organic Coconut Chips

Organic Coconut ChipsWhat is it?Simple and natural - these are just flakes (or chips) of organic coconuts. The coconut palm is often called the 'Tree of Life' - and for good reason! Coconut is delicious, healthy and versatile.What are the nutritional benefits?Rich in dietary fibre, p..

$5.10 / 300g Ex Tax: $4.43

Organic Coconut, fine desiccated

Organic desiccated Coconut, fineWhat is it?Simple and natural - it's just the shredded, dried white flesh of organically grown coconuts. Perfect for baking and loved by those following a paleo diet -  made with minimal processing, and definitely no 'nasty' stuff!What are the nutritional ..

$3.60 / 300g Ex Tax: $3.13

Organic Dark Chocolate Drops

Organic Dark Chocolate DropsWhat are they?Aromatic and flavoursome organic, dark chocolate drops (8-10 mm). Made from certified organic cocoa and organic cane sugar.  Where can I use them?Melt them down into liquid chocolate for baking, or for icing. Soft and chewy, they are perfect ..

$8.95 / 300g Ex Tax: $7.78

Organic dried Cranberries (apple juice sweetened)

Organic Dried Cranberries (apple juice sweetened)What are they?Organically grown cranberries, slowly dried and delicately sweetened with organic apple juice. An outrageously snackable superfood.What are the nutritional benefits?Well known for their 'superfood' status due to their hig..

$6.90 / 200g Ex Tax: $6.00

Organic Hazelnuts, whole

Organic Hazelnuts, wholeWhat are they?Raw, certified organic Hazelnuts with a creamy nut flavour and a crunchy texture.What are the nutritional benefits?Hazelnuts are packed with nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidant compounds and healthy fats. Where can I use them..

$6.90 / 200g Ex Tax: $6.00

Organic Mung Beans

Organic Mung BeansWhat are they?Mung Beans are a type of small, green legume in the same family as peas and lentils. With their mild-sweet flavour, they're super versatile. Popular combined with rice to make khichari, but great hot or cold in just about anything – hearty meals, soups and sal..

$3.30 / 300g Ex Tax: $2.87

Organic Papaya, dried strips

Organic Dried Papaya StripsWhat are they?Dried papaya strips. A tropical fruit which dries to an exotic sweet taste and chewy texture.What are the nutritional benefits?Papaya is naturally rich in dietary fibre, antioxidants and beta-carotene. Dried papaya strips are a great way to sa..

$6.80 / 300g Ex Tax: $5.91

Organic Peanuts (whole), roasted & salted

Organic Peanuts Roasted & SaltedWhat are they?Roasted and salted, organic certified peanuts. A poplular snack food which is naturally nourishing and packed with protein and dietary fibre.Where can I use them?Enjoy as a snack or throw into salads and stir-fries for some added deliious..

$2.90 / 200g Ex Tax: $2.52

Organic Psyllium Husk

Organic Psyllium HuskWhat is it?The seeds of the Plantago plant. Grown in the cool, dry climate of northern India. Awesome for increasing your fibre intake!What are the nutritional benefits?Psyllium is revered as a dietary fiber supplement. Research has shown it may also help in  red..

$4.99 / 200g Ex Tax: $4.34

Organic Quinoa Rice Fusilli Pasta - (gluten free pasta - bulk buy)

Organic Quinoa Rice Fusilli Pasta (bulk buy)Gluten free pasta the entire family can enjoy!What is it?Gluten free, dried fusilli  pasta.Ceres Organics pastas are 100% organic and gluten-free. Every step in the production process is designed to preserve the unique purity of the harvest..

$9.99 / 500g Ex Tax: $8.69

Organic Quinoa Rice Macaroni Pasta - (gluten free pasta - bulk buy)

Quinoa Rice Macaroni  Pasta - Bulk buyGluten free pasta the entire family can enjoy!What is it?Gluten free, dried macaroni  pasta.Ceres Organics pastas are 100% organic and gluten-free. Every  step in the production process is designed to preserve the unique purity of the harvest. ..

$9.99 / 500g Ex Tax: $8.69

Organic Quinoa Rice Penne Pasta - (gluten free pasta - bulk buy)

Quinoa Rice Penne  Pasta - Bulk buyGluten free pasta the entire family can enjoy!What is it?Gluten free, dried penne pasta.Ceres Organics pastas are 100% organic and gluten-free. Every  step in the production process is designed to preserve the unique purity of the harvest.What w..

$9.99 / 500g Ex Tax: $8.69

Organic Raw Cacao Powder

Organic Raw Cacao PowderWhat is it?Organic, raw cacao powder is made from certified organic cacao beans. The beans are cold-pressed in small batches and cold milled into fine powder at low temperatures (below 47 C) without any chemicals. The result is pure chocolatey goodness in it’s most na..

$5.60 / 200g Ex Tax: $4.87

Organic Red Lentils, split

Organic Red Lentils, splitWhat are they?Lentils have been part of the human diet for the last 13,000 years. Red lentils are actually hulled, halved yellow lentils. They become very soft when cooked. Lentils are an edible pulse from the seed pod of the lentil plant with a warm, nutty flavour...

$4.75 / 500g Ex Tax: $4.13

Organic Spelt, hulled (whole grain) - NZ grown

Organic Spelt, hulled (whole grain)Biodynamically grown here in New ZealandWhat is it?Spelt, also called Dinkel (triticum spelta), is an ancient grain related to wheat. It was previously widely grown in Europe but due to its low yield and difficult growing characteristics it has mostly b..

$5.25 / 500g - NZ PRODUCT Ex Tax: $4.57

Organic Sushi Rice, white

Organic Sushi Rice, whiteWhat is it?Japanese rice (or sushi rice) is the staple of the Japanese diet and consists of short translucent grain. When cooked, it has a sticky texture such that it can easily be picked up and eaten with chopsticks. Japanese Rice (or sushi rice) is most commonly us..

$8.00 / 500g Ex Tax: $6.96

Organic Tamari Roasted Almonds, whole, transitional

Organic Tamari Roasted Almonds*sourced from a certified transitional farm.What are they?The nutty sweet taste of almonds and the savoury flavour of tamari soy sauce come together in this wholesome, delicious snack.Where can I use them?Enjoy Tamari Almonds as a snack on the go or ..

$7.10 / 200g Ex Tax: $6.17

Spray-free Hemp Seed Hearts, hulled

Spray-free Hemp Seed Hearts, hulledWhat is it?Remove the shell from raw hemp seeds and you are left with a nutty, buttery hemp seed heart. The flavour profile is similar to the one of pine nuts, so you expect a buttery texture and nutty taste that tastes great in practically everything. ..

$15.60 / 300g Ex Tax: $13.57

Spray-free Walnuts, halves - NZ grown

Walnuts - great for a healthy heartNew Zealand grown, spray-free heritage walnut halvesWhat are they?Rounded, single seeded stone fruits of the walnut tree. Mild, sweet, nutty and buttery flavour.What are the nutritional benefits?The brown seed coating of the walnut is high in an..

$10.00 / 200g - NZ PRODUCT Ex Tax: $8.70