Dried Fruit, Nuts & Seeds

Dried Fruit, Nuts & Seeds
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Ceres Organics LSA, 250g

Ceres Organics LSA, 250gWhat is it?Three wholesome and pure nutritional powerhouses "Linseed, Sunflower Seed and Almond " blended into one amazing "superfood", with nothing else added!What are the nutritional benefits?It's full of natural plant-based goodness, including protein, diet..

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Ceres Organics LSA, 700g

Ceres Organics LSA, 700gWhat is it?Three wholesome and pure nutritional powerhouses "Linseed, Sunflower Seed and Almond " blended into one amazing "superfood", with nothing else added!What are the nutritional benefits?It's full of natural plant-based goodness, including protein, diet..

$16.20 Ex Tax: $14.09

Organic Almonds, whole, transitional

One of today's most popular "superfoods" - Organic AlmondsSourced from certified transitional farm*.What are they?Raw, whole almonds which have been carefully picked, shelled and dried in order to preserve their natural goodness. They are a staple in any healthy pantry.What are the n..

$7.10 / 200g Ex Tax: $6.17

Organic Apricots whole, dried

Sun-dried goodness - Organic Dried ApricotsRipened on the treeWhat are they?The dried fruit of the apricot tree with a firm flesh and a sweet yet tart taste.What are the nutritional benefits?Good source of vitamin A (100% of the daily recommended intake),vitamin E, potassium and ..

$4.80 / 200g Ex Tax: $4.17

Organic Banana Chips

Delicious, nutritious snack - Organic Dried Banana ChipsWhat are they?Popular in many cultures but especially in Indonesia and India, these are sliced, organic bananas, simple and delicious with nothing artificial added. They are toasted in coconut oil and sweetened with honey and coconut su..

$3.75 / 300g Ex Tax: $3.26

Organic Brazil Nuts, whole

Organic Brazil Nuts, wholeSimple, delicious & packed with antioxidantsWhat are they?Sourced from the pristine forests of the Amazon, where they are sustainably grown and harvested. They're carefully selected, shelled and dried with minimal processing, to retain their natural goodness. Si..

$7.30 / 200g Ex Tax: $6.35

Organic Buckwheat Hulled

Organic Buckwheat - A naturally gluten-free nutritional wonder!Used for thousands of years in European and Asian dietsWhat is it?Hulled seeds of the buckwheat plant. Not related to wheat, it is a fruit seed related to rhubarb and sorrel.What are the nutritional benefits?Full of b..

$3.00 / 500g Ex Tax: $2.61

Organic Cashew Nuts (whole), roasted & salted

Organic Cashew Nuts - yummy snack rich in Vitamin BOrganic, lightly salted & roastedWhat are they?Dry-roasted then lightly seasones, these cashews are rich in flavour. A moorish snack!What are the nutritional benefits?Although lower in fibre than other nuts, they are still full o..

$7.70 / 200g Ex Tax: $6.70

Organic Cashew Nuts, whole

Organic Cashew Nuts - sweet and creamy wholesome snackOrganically grown, carefully selectedWhat are they?Shelled and dried at low temperatures, without boiling. The process allows the cashews' naturally occurring nutrients to be retained.What are the nutritional benefits?Although..

$7.30 / 200g Ex Tax: $6.35

Organic Chia Seeds, black

An acclaimed super-foodMulti-use and full of energyWhat is it?The word 'chia' comes from the Mayan word for 'strength' - Aztec soldiers in Central Mexico used chia seeds to give them energy and stamina. It is a tiny seed. The plant is grown commercially for its seeds which are now used w..

$3.90 / 300g Ex Tax: $3.39

Organic Dates whole dried, pitted, raw

Organic Dates, whole dried, pitted, rawRipe tropical goodnessSourced and sun dried at the best organic farms in North AfricaWhat are they?A staple of middle eastern diets for thousands of years, they have a sweet, caramel flavour and chewy texture. These dates are hand pitted to ensu..

$3.10 / 200g Ex Tax: $2.70

Organic Linseed brown, flaxseed

Nutritional super-star seedsAlso known as flaxseedWhat are they?Seeds cultivated from the flax plantWhat are the nutritional benefits?Known for their multitude of health benefits, they are full of essential fatty acids (omega 6 and 3) which help to build a strong immune system. G..

$2.85 / 300g Ex Tax: $2.48

Organic Millet, hulled

Warming, gluten-free grainIncredibly versatile and nutritiousWhat is it?An ancient grain mentioned in the Old Testament. It is mild and slightly sweet in flavour and can be both light and fluffy or crunchy when fried.What are the nutritional benefits?Millet digests easily and is ..

$2.40 / 300g Ex Tax: $2.09

Organic Pumpkin Seeds (Pepitas)

Delicious and nutritious seedOriginally a favourite in Mexican cooking, now used around the worldWhat is it?Also known as 'Little seeds of squash' or Pepitas, they are the dried seeds of the pumpkin.What are the nutritional benefits?Full of nutrition, they are a wonderful source ..

$4.80 / 300g Ex Tax: $4.17

Organic Quinoa white

Modern-day superfood.An ancient grain dating from the Incan EmpireWhat is it?Grown in the plateaus of the Andes in Peru, it is a gluten-free seed.What are the nutritional benefits?High in protein, fibre, iron. Full of nourishing plant goodness. Provides most of the amino acids. G..

$6.50 / 500g Ex Tax: $5.65

Organic Raisins whole dried, seedless

Organic Dried Raisins, seedlessDelicious and full of natural energyWhat are they?Dried grapes eaten around the world both raw and as an ingredient in cooking. Juicy, sweet and made from 'fresh-of-the-vine' grapesWhat are the nutritional benefits?Full of low GI carbohydrates, low ..

$3.60 / 300g Ex Tax: $3.13

Organic Sesame Seeds, hulled

Tiny, crunchy seeds of nutritionUsed all around the world to bring a delicious nutty taste and aromaWhat are they?One of the oldest oilseed crops known to man, domesticated well over 3000 years ago. ParaWhat are the nutritional benefits?High in fibre, protein and several B vitami..

$2.20 / 200g Ex Tax: $1.91

Organic Sunflower seeds

Great in sweet and savoury dishesCultivated for more than 5000 years and originally used by Native Americans for both food and oilWhat are they?Seeds harvested from organically grown sunflowersWhat are the nutritional benefits?Excellent source of vitamin E, fibre, selenium, vitam..

$3.40 / 300g Ex Tax: $2.96

Organic Coconut Chips

Organic Coconut ChipsRich in fibre - a sweet and nutritious snackWhat is it?Simple and natural - these are just flakes (or chips) of organic coconuts. The coconut palm is often called the 'Tree of Life' - and for good reason! Coconut is delicious, healthy and versatile.What are the n..

$3.90 / 300g Ex Tax: $3.39

Organic dried Cranberries (apple juice sweetened)

Organic Dried Cranberries (Apple Juice Sweetened)An outrageously snackable superfoodWhat are they?Organically grown cranberries, slowly dried and delicately sweetened with organic apple juice.What are the nutritional benefits?Well known for their 'superfood' status due to their h..

$6.90 / 200g Ex Tax: $6.00

Organic Papaya, dried strips

Organic Dried Papaya StripsExotic and sweet tasteWhat are they?Dried papaya strips. A tropical fruit which dries to an exotic sweet taste and chewy texture.What are the nutritional benefits?Papaya is naturally rich in dietary fibre, antioxidants and beta-carotene. Dried papaya st..

$6.80 / 300g Ex Tax: $5.91

Organic Peanuts (whole), roasted & salted

Organic Peanuts Roasted & SaltedWhat are they?Roasted and salted, organic certified peanuts. A poplular snack food which is naturally nourishing and packed with protein and dietary fibre.Where can I use them?Enjoy as a snack or throw into salads and stir-fries for some added deliious..

$2.90 / 200g Ex Tax: $2.52

Organic Tamari Roasted Almonds, whole, transitional

Organic Tamari Roasted Almonds*sourced from a certified transitional farm.What are they?The nutty sweet taste of almonds and the savoury flavour of tamari soy sauce come together in this wholesome, delicious snack.Where can I use them?Enjoy Tamari Almonds as a snack on the go or ..

$7.10 / 200g Ex Tax: $6.17