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Golden Fields Organic Lemon Verbena Tea (Loose Leaf), 40g

Golden Fields Organic Lemon Verbena Tea  (Loose Leaf), 40g

What is it?

New Zealand grown, organic certified dried lemon verbena leaves. Grown on the Golden Fields Farm in Canterbury, New Zealand.

The lemon verbena fragrance is floral, with fresh citrus notes.  Native to South America, lemon verbena is now grown around the world and is used as a medicinal herb. The leaves are pointed and narrow.  

What are the nutritional benefits?

Lemon verbena is full of antioxidants and is full of unique components. It is said to help reduce inflammation, boost your immune system, help with stomach disorders and clear up colds.  

Anything else?

Lemon verbena is also commonly used to flavour foods such as fish or chicken dishes as well as in salads desserts and sweet pastries.

Gluten Free. Certified organic. Grown and packed in New Zealand

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