Spray-free Walnuts, halves, New Zealand grown

Spray-free Walnuts, halves, New Zealand grown

Walnuts - great for a healthy heart

Mild, sweet, nutty and buttery flavour.

* New Zealand grown, spray-free heritage walnut halves

What are they?

Rounded, single seeded stone fruits of the walnut tree.

What are the nutritional benefits?

The brown seed coating of the walnut is high in antioxidants. High in protein, fibre and polyunsaturated fats. High in omega-3 fatty acids which can help to lower blood pressure. 25g of walnuts provides 90% of the recommended daily intake of these.

Where can I use them?

Eat on their own as a delicious, nutritious snack, add to baking such as cookies, cakes and pies. Throw in to salads - they go wonderfully with lentils. Add to meat casseroles for a lovely nutty addition.

Anything important?

* New Zealand grown. Spray-free. New Zealand Wild Heritage Walnuts.

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