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New Zealand's Wholefoods Handbook

New Zealand's famous Wholefoods Handbook 2020 (NEW EDITION)

Your A-Z guide to 270 healthy foods and how to use them!

Incredible –14,000 copies of the Wholefoods Handbook have sold since it was published in 2002! That first edition described 120 healthy whole foods. Ten years later, 100 more new, exciting, healthful foods had arrived in New Zealand, and a revised and expanded Tenth Anniversary Edition added them all.  Another seven years and 50 more are here – time to gather the team and bring the “little yellow book” up to date!

The 2020 edition is chock-full as ever with information and inspiration to try new items and include them in daily enjoyment of wholesome, nutritious, delicious food. It’s a thorough, concise A-Z guide to over 270 products sold in organic shops and online, with background information on each, a nutrition profile and preparation instructions, and some photos and recipes. 

Check out green banana flour, breadfruit flour and sun-flour; cañahua, farro and freekeh; açaí and monk fruit; matcha, moringa and tulsi; black beluga lentils and red lentil flour; tiger nuts, hemp hearts, coconut nectar and many more! Also find helpful new entries differentiating nine kinds of cane sugar, six types of fat, hemp vs marijuana, Ceylon vs cassia cinnamon, and stoneground vs rollermilled flour.
The goal of the Wholefoods Handbook has always been to introduce customers to foods they may be unfamiliar with or not know how to use – to boost individual health, organic shop sales and organics throughout New Zealand.
By demystifying items sold in bulk, it helps shoppers save money, reduce packaging and get the amount they want. Many shops use the Wholefoods Handbook as a staff training manual and have a reference copy available to customers.  Proceeds from sales of the Wholefoods Handbook support community groups and organic and environmental organisations and projects throughout New Zealand. In keeping with the original philosophy for the book, the format is basic so the price can be kept low for affordability.

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