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Urban Hippie Miso Paste, 350g

Urban Hippie Miso Paste, 350g

What is it?

Japan's traditional fermented soy bean paste. Traditionally the Japanese begin their day with a bowl of homemade miso soup. Miso soup is a very unique cloudy broth which is normally served with Tofu, sea weed, and spring onion. But you don't need to stick with these ingredients, you can put anything you want in it. For example potato, onion, cabbage, mushroom, radish, mizuna, spinach, kumara, egg, fish, pork etc.

What are the nutritional benefits?

Miso is full of nutrients, beneficial enzymes, amino acids, minerals and bacteria necessary for good health.

What can I use it for?

Miso is a versatile condiment that you can use for soups, stir fries, marinades, dips and dressings.

Anything important?

Miso Paste needs to be refrigerated after opening.

New Zealand Made. Gluten Friendly. GMO free. MSG free.

Ingredients List: Soy beans (60%), Rice (27%), Alcohol (2%), Koji (Aspergillus Oryzae), Sodium Alginate


Listed in order of predominance: Soy Beans (60%), Rice (27%), Sea Salt (11%), Alcohol (2mL/100g), Koji (Aspergillus Oryzae), Sodium Alginate, Nisin.

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