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Organic Pineapple Chunks in Fruit Juice, 400g

Ceres Organics Organic Pineapple Chunks, 400g

What are they?

These pineapple chunks have been organically grown and are carefully selected at harvest when they are at their most succulent. Packed with organic pineapple fruit juice into cans with BPA free lining. No added sugars or artificial flavours. Just straight up goodness!

Where can I use them?

Super versatile, they're awesome in baking, on top of your favourite cereal or muesli, or simply straight from the can.

Anything important?

Organic certified.

Once opened, place unused contents into a covered, non-metallic container and refrigerate. Use within two days of opening.

Ingredients: Pineapple* 60%, Pineapple Juice* 40% (*Certified Organic)

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