Chantal Organics Butter Beans, 400g

Chantal Organics Butter Beans, 400g

Chantal Organics Butter Beans, 400g

Smooth and buttery

What are they?

Also known as lima beans, these are wide, flattish creamy-shite beans with a soft, floury texture and a mild flavour. Butter beans are known for their delicate flavour.

What are the nutritional benefits?

Like other beans, the butter bean is a well-rounded source of nutrition, rich in protein, fibre, iron and B vitamins. They are a good source of iron, zinc and magnesium.

What will I love about them?

Due to their light flavour and texture, these work well in a wide variety of dishes including soups, stews, dips and salads.

These beans come from New Zealand company Chantal Organics that was started in the mid-1970s in Hawkes Bay by a group of like-minded people. They shared a vision of healthier food and a better life for their families and now make spreads and muesli, mill grains into flour and farm vegetables. Their vision is that quality organic and whole foods are affordable for all Kiwis - just like Family Pantry!

Anything important?

Certified organic.

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