Organic Wholemeal Wheat Flour - NZ GROWN

Organic Wholemeal Wheat Flour - NZ GROWN

Organic Wholemeal Wheat Flour

What is it?

Wheat is one of the oldest and nowadays most important cultivated food plants. This organic wholemeal wheat flour is very finely milled in Zentrofan mills.

Biodynamically grown and milled here in New Zealand

What are the nutritional benefits?

Due to the bran content, this flour is high in nutritional value and taste!

Where can I use it?

Wheat flour is mostly used for baking bread and cakes. There are 3 main types of wheat - so called biscuit wheat with a lower protein content ideal for cakes and pastries, Durum wheat, a very hard variety for making pasta, and hard or bread wheats with high protein levels and good baking characteristics. This particular wheat flour is derived from a hard wheat variety with excellent baking strength and the biodynamic methods used enhance the quality even further.

Anything important?

Contains Gluten. High in nutritional value and taste due to the bran content. BioGro certified. Grown and processed here in New Zealand on a farm.

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This product has been re-packed in a facility handling products containing gluten, tree nuts, sesame seeds and peanuts. Every effort is made to separate equipment and ingredients during the re-pack process.

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